About Me

Jada is professionally known as Spirit or Spiritual Jada, she’s an American blogger, author, social media manager and an aspiring actress. Born and raised in the Bronx, on October 8, 1982, she was raised in the University Heights neighborhood of the South Bronx. She grew up with a Trinidadian mother and a Puerto Rican father who pushed education. Her and her siblings attended catholic school throughout their school years, but Jada always had bigger dreams.

Jada first attracted attention from, Jada Pinkett Smith for her seemingly up score black history post on Instagram, quoted by Mrs. Jada Pinkett Smith on her Red Table Talk Show on Facebook which made Jada an aspiring blogger through Instagram.

From 2016 to 2018, she made appearances at numerous different high schools, rallies and events to speak about motivation & inspiration. Her speeches have captivated many people to change their lives and to pursue their goals that they thought, they could never achieve.

Her debut, book titled Deceit was able to grab attentions of many people and distributors including Amazon, Barnes & Noble and New Generation Publishing, making her dreams of becoming an author, come true.

On April 19, 2018, Jada released a band of podcast shows on all audio platforms, titled, Words of Wisdom. The podcast broadcasts every Thursday of the month at 8pm-9pm, detailing, advice about financial information, African American health disparities, racism, injustices within Black America and etcetera, etcetera. Where Jada officially was inspired to begin using Spirit or Spiritual Jada.

The end of 2018, she scored a career with InColor Magazine and Pravda Collective as an article contributor.

She holds many hats by graduating from Barbizon Acting & Modeling school at the age of 12 and being a graduate with a Creative Writing, Bachelor’s degree from Southern New Hampshire University.


When asked about her initial direction of her endeavors, Jada has stated, “ I never had any inspiration especially growing up in the slums of New York City so, I wanted to be different and use my social media platform to inspire others and bring forth awareness about the struggles of being Black in America and trying to awaken people to society’s deception.