Americans could get a check for thousand dollars or more in the next few weeks due to the devastating effects of the Coronavirus which was implemented by Senator Mitt Romney to help tide people over until other government aids can arrive and Trump and his administration thought it was a splendid idea to prevent a worse recession and to protect people from going bankrupt.

The White House even suggested that a thousand dollars might be too low especially with sky high rent and mortgages which I believe is great that their actually noticing what Americans go through on a daily basis and how big the economic crisis is becoming. Hopefully, this will sway the government to address many issues that Americans, face but then again, this is only the beginning to a much bigger unfixed problem.

Trump wants to send checks out as soon as two weeks from now which will be great due to a huge amount people who are out of work due to businesses closing or parents who can’t find sufficient daycare to accommodate their child due to the schools closing around the global so, we’re facing some real issues but as my research is broaden, this isn’t the first time, that the government has dished out, money.

During the Great Depression, the federal government sent about three hundred to six hundred dollars to every adult in America plus, an extra three hundred dollars per child and also in 2001, Americans received three hundred dollar checks as well.

In the last recession, checks went to all Americans who weren’t millionaires and filed a United States tax return, including Social Security receipients. Americans earning at least some income but less than 75,000 got the full amount while the rich got less. The payments were sent by a check or direct deposited into your bank account but as America comes to an standstill, a thousand dollar check doesn’t compensate people but it’s a good first step towards helping Americans in these crazy times so, hopefully the government will follow through with helping people like they should because it really seem like most of us are living in the Twilight Zone.


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