Beethoven was a Black man


Beethoven was noted for being one of the most famous classical musicians of all time and he was a Black man. His official name was Ludwig Van Beethoven who was arguably the most famous and well-known classical musician and composer of all time, but his identity and ethnicity has been a falsified which has left so much obscurity for many, many years. Society has depicted him as a white male with blonde colored hair, being shown in drawings, paintings, and illustrations all over the world.

But Beethoven was labeled by many as a Mulatto, or Black Spaniard but why?  Well, according to author, Gabriel Scott of The Chosen Ones: Perceptions of Malcolm and Martin, his mother was a Moor and his father was a white German.

Back in those days, Moors were considered Northern Africans; generally speaking, Africans or Negroes. In society, the Black gene is the most dominant so, he was referred to as a Black man often by his friends and people he associated with. In fact, several people have been documented, stating, Beethoven had brown skin, Black wooly hair, a thick wide nose and a short neck.

Some resources claim that Beethoven was often forced or pressured to wear white powder on his face to hide his ethic origin when out in public. He allegedly also used body doubles for portraits and euro-centric historians, hiding the truth of his genetic makeup.

At 21, he moved from Germany to Italy and began studying composition and quickly gained a reputation as a virtuoso pianist but unfortunately, in his late twenties, his hearing began to deteriorate, and he eventually became almost completely deaf. But this did not stop his music career, it pushed him more to where he published many admirable pieces of work in the classical field.

He composed nine symphonies, a dozen pieces of occasional music, seven concerti and four shorter works that include soloist accompanied by orchestra, but his only opera was Fidello.

I believe this is one of the most amazingly iconic stories because we were all conditioned to believe he was white; true history is beyond greatness.


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